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IGT Music is a record label that focuses on the best quality music that Africa has to offer to the world. We house and groom the most talented Artists on the Continent allowing them to create music to the best of their ability. We believe in team work, collaborating ideas and pushing our art to the maximum.

Our Mission and Vision is simple, Music First, Social Media Popularity last. We work 25 hours every day with the same goals in mind paving our own lane with team work and One Vision.


IGT Music also known as “I Got This Music” Movement begun in 2012 where we looked at the Industry and saw a need to bring about change with one thing in mind, i.e. To carrying the African flag high taking music to the world. We live in Digital age where Music is available to all worldwide with a click of a button. We pride ourselves as being a Label from the Future.


I Got This Music aims to be the catalyst in bringing about change to the Music industry. We have seen how difficult it is for Change to be adopted. Keeping intact with our Roots and  our African Music Culture. We preserve and rebirth quality rooted Music that tells the world who we are and where we come from.

We focus on a strategy that will pave way to the future Artists, reinvesting and grooming new talents that will carry our flag to the next generation keeping intact our values.

We work creatively bringing about the best music come for all to enjoy, Join the Bhlak Movement I Got this Asiyeki.